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Comprehensive Software Testing/ QA

Syllabus Sample

What it takes to build a successful testing career

1. Understand the perception of testers and testing. Detailed discussion on common perception about software testers by project teams:

  • Understanding role of the tester

  • Ability to think like a tester

  • Testers have to serve many clients within a project

  • Understand the value of your product not just the software requirements

  • Understand testing mission and drive your testing to meet the mission objectives

  • Understand defects from a developer's perspective - are you “bad news”

  • Question everything - but not out loud

  • Find important bugs first

  • Convince others that “testing completely” may not be feasible

  • Testing is not process improvement

  • Testing will not assure quality - advocate and understand this concept

  • Building a successful relationship with stakeholders and project teams

2. Importance of subject matter expertise


3. Importance of professional acumen and conduct


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

  • Detailed discussion of software development process

  • Relationships and dependencies among testing process and SDLC phases

  • Artifacts related to SDLC

  • The realities of software testing


Principles/ Fundamentals of software testing

  • Dynamic vs. static testing

  • Black box testing

  • White box testing

  • Gray box testing

  • Testing techniques

  • Detailed discussion

  • N on various testing techniques


How to write effective test documentation

  • Planning your test effort

  • Writing and tracking test cases

  • Reporting what you find

  • Measuring your success


Tools and software testing. Discussion of testing tools being used in the industry

  • Test management and productivity tools

  • Test automation tools


How to Get a Job Boot Camp

  • What employers are looking in testers

  • Most commonly asked testing interview questions

  • Resume reviewing

  • Tips and tricks on searching for a job

  • Mock interviews

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