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Student Aid & Grants: DC, MD, NJ and VA

Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey Residents

Learnix Tree Center is a state-certified school by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (, Maryland Department of Labor and New Jersey Department of Labor.  Our students are eligible to apply for certain programs as indicated below. Contacts us for WIOA application resources in Maryland and New Jersey.


​Adult jobseekers, dislocated workers, and young adults that meet program eligibility criteria may be able
to receive funds to go towards the cost of their training through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity
Act (WIOA) with the Virginia Career Works – Northern Region. Under the WIOA principle of streamlining
services, Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) are issued to qualified individuals by certified Virginia Career
Works –Centers throughout the Northern Virginia area. More information about the WIOA program can be
found at:

Additional information for


- Military, veterans, and their spouses provided at

- Senior citizens provided at

District of Columbia  Residents

On July 14, 2022 Learnix Tree Center has been awarded a $297,000 IT and Healthcare Grant from DC Workforce Investment Council in Washington, DC. The 1.5 year grant will fund career changing and job training/placement courses for the eligible DC residents. Please contact us to register.​

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