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Earn $65K+ Testing software at home/office! No prior exp!

New job in 3 mo.! Call 571-634-6000!

Laid Off?

Afraid of Losing Your Job?

Not Making Enough Money?

Want Remote Work?

Need Recession-Proof Job?

Want Great Pay+Benefits?

No Technical Background?

Hands-on Job Training/Placement!

Unique Non-IT to IT Training Model:

- Get Hired, not just “Learn” (extensive work on your resume/ interview skills)

- Useful Job/Skills Training learned from IT professionals with 20+ years of experience

- State-certified school -- 9 years of the field experience

- Grants/Student Aid/Flexible Payment Terms

- Real-Time Distance Learning w/ One-on-One Consultations

- Archived Session Recordings

- Postgraduate Support / Free Course Fresher

Up to $1000 OFF

all distance learning!



At Learnix Center I could have the advantage of getting real hands- on experience with a group of professional IT project managers. A team of dedicated professionals cared about my success and did everything to help me in my new career development.



Most of our class got employed within two months after the completion of the course!
And that alone says that they obviously do something right. The tutors are really great! Very experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.



The course was smashing. I always got a prompt response to any question that I had. Their team of trainers was really very professional and friendly with students.



Choosing Learnix Center for learning Software Testing was the best choice I have ever done. Today I have a well-paid job as a Software Tester in one of the leading companies in the USA. Learnix Center was helping me to change my life.



Not having previous IT experience wasn't a problem for me. Big thanks to the professional trainers for sharing their knowledge and experience.



Learnix Center is a great place to be for QA testing professionals. They not only helped me to be a well equipped QA software tester with well structured classes, but also coached me to stand confidently and present myself as a qualified QA Tester. They prepared me in every step, from resume writing, to mock interview, and gave me feedback on job performance.

Small groups! New Job in 3 mo.!

It works differently

- Meaningful interpretation of your prior skills and new
skills on the resume
- Live interview training w/real recruiters and employers
- Internship opportunities
- Employment/Client referrals
- Free Career Coaching / Resume Marketing


Every crisis brings opportunities.
Lay-offs in one given industry means higher demand in another.


Shipping, logistics, delivery, telecommunication, Internet providers, cellular, online collaboration, online entertainment, online education and many more companies can’t find enough employees now. They must have Software Testers too.

Shape your new professional future while in isolation!

Learn from Home & Get Hired!


9 years of experience


Certified by SCHEV & MHEC


Free Trial Lessons


Up to $1K off any course


Over 1700 successful graduates

Comprehensive Software Testing / QA

168 hr, including:
81 hr distance learning;
78 hr homework & self-prep.;
4 hr personal communication;
with your instructor;
3 hr resume consultations;
3 hr interview preparation;

tuition -- $4,500
discount -- $1000

QA Automation
Automated tester (Prerequisite: Basic Comprehensive Software Testing)
tuition -- $2,000
discount -- $500

Business Analyst
Business Analyst (Prerequisite: Basic Comprehensive Software Testing)
tuition -- $2,000
discount -- $500

Do you still have questions?

Call 571-634-6000!

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