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Hands-on Job Training/Placement!
Earn $95K+ QA Automation at home/office!

$0 Tuition or $1000 OFF all Distance Learning! Small groups! New Job in 5 mo.!

Laid Off?

Afraid of Losing Your Job?

Not Making Enough Money?

Want Remote Work?

Need Recession-Proof Job?

Want Great Pay+Benefits?

No Technical Background?

Hands-on Job Training/Placement!

Unique Non-IT to IT Training Model:

- Get Hired, not just “Learn” (extensive work on your resume/ interview skills)

- Useful Job/Skills Training learned from IT professionals with 20+ years of experience

- State-certified school -- 9 years of the field experience

- Grants/Student Aid/Flexible Payment Terms

- Real-Time Distance Learning w/ One-on-One Consultations

- Archived Session Recordings

- Postgraduate Support / Free Course Fresher

Small groups! New Job in 3 mo.!




Learnixcenter is the best school on the East Coast giving practical aspects of the IT Industry. I was a student of Automation testing and the course is based on practical knowledge which is taught thoroughly in line with the Job market requirements.



I'm a former Marine who has successfully built a career in the IT industry because of Learnix.
I believe a career in the Software Testing (QA field) is uniquely suitable for people like me, ex-military and veterans. Learnix Center is a state-certified school so the majority of veterans and recently discharged are eligible for free educational grants provided by WIOA programs for veterans/military and their spouses. I really appreciated my instructors who spends a lot of time with me and who changed my life and career for good.



Awesome school with great teachers in it. Program QA automation is up to date, and covers all aspects of automation testing that you need for your future career goals.



The Learnix Center was recom- mended to me by my friends who were its former graduates and now are successfully building their careers in the IT industry. The course QA auto- mation I took at the Center was well structured, though by the industry professionals, and supported by very well written study and practice materials. As students, we also got the advantage of having a practical hands-on experience of working on real-life projects and utilizing the course knowledge while making professional decisions “on the job.”


Every crisis brings opportunities.
Lay-offs in one given industry means higher demand in another.


Shipping, logistics, delivery, telecommunication, Internet providers, cellular, online collaboration, online entertainment, online education and many more companies can’t find enough employees now. They must have Software Testers too.

Shape your new professional future while in isolation!

Learn from Home & Get Hired!


9 years of experience


Certified by SCHEV & MHEC


Free Trial Lessons


Up to $1K off any course


Over 1700 successful graduates

Advanced Automated testing

18 sessions (54 hrs distance learning)
20 hrs Homework

3 hr of career consultant, resume preparation, interview preparation

1 hr of personal communication with your instructor

Module I- Introduction to Software testing

Building a career in software testing - 3 hr

Agile software development with Jira -6 hrs

Testing techniques - 6hr

Writing effective testcases -12 hr

Module II- Automated Software testing

Environment setup and troubleshooting - 3hr
Python basics - 5 hr
Selenium WebDriver (theory and Python-based code samples) - 12 hr HTML and Browser - 3 hr
PyTest Framework - 2 hr
In-class Individual Work (assessment) - 2 hr

QA Automation Comprehensive Software Testing

$799/mo. -- 5 months,

2 times a week, 6-9 pm


August 8th (Mon/Wed)
August 24th (Mon/Wed)

Do you still have questions?

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