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Learn to code with Python

How do I get started?

  • Learn to program by writing programs

  • No experience? Learn from ours!

  • Two day courses starting soon

  • Start by creating simple programs

  • Our experts are there to help you

  • Finish by creating a complex application


Why should you learn to code?

  • Save time at work with scripts you’ve written

  • Develop ability to focus

  • Become more detail-oriented

  • Learn to understand and control your computer

  • You: “Not everybody can code. I can. Cool.”


Who uses Python?

  • Teaching assistant

  • Data analyst

  • Quality Assurance

  • Web application developer

  • Engineer

  • Many others….



What is Python?

  • Popular programming language

  • Easy to learn syntax

  • Lets you work quickly

  • Used in many occupations

  • Works on all modern computers

  • Allows you to interact with existing software


What can I do with Python?


  • Retrieve information from the web

  • Control your computer

  • Read and modify Excel workbooks

  • Improve your productivity at work

  • Automate your keyboard and mouse

  • Create your own interactive game

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