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An easy way to get a hot job:
Marketing Automation Specialist
Email Marketing Specialist
Marketing Operations Analyst
  • $60K+ entry-level salaries

  • Hot job market

  • State-certified school

  • Job placement in 5 months! No prior exp!

  • Work from home/office!

  • Government assistance/financial aid


Become a Marketing Automation Specialist

Start a new career!

  • Launch a new career in marketing automation and email marketing

  • The flexible training schedule that fits your regular work-life balance

  • No commute! Live online instructor-led sessions 2 nights a week

  • Affordable! No income sharing! Low installments at $163/mo

  • State-certified curriculum/diploma

  • Placement services/internships. Unique access to entry-level jobs

  • Postgraduate support & training

  • State-certified instructors with 10+ years of experience in marketing automation and technology

  • Hands-on practical training and preparation for a professional certification

  • Colleges do not teach marketing automation. We teach what is in high demand

Pay just $163 per month

Laid off?

Afraid of losing your job?

Not making enough money?

Want remote work?

Need recession-proof job?

Want great pay with benefits?

No technical background?

Work authorization/asylum seeker?

Тry Marketing Automation course!


Immersive and Flexible Experience


Meet twice a week (6-9 pm EDT) with 8-10 other students for hands-on training led by a practitioner and expert instructors


Complete 6 hours of online course content and 3 hours of homework a week – no need to change your daily life


Stay engaged with your classmates on the online forum and Slack, collaborate on your portfolio projects


Seek additional guidance and help from the instructor in a private chat or during the office hours


Get rigorous hands-on training in the office-simulated environment and implement real-life projects
Career change
Underemployed/unemployed workers
Displaced workers
Recent college graduates
Recent immigrants
Veterans / ex-military & spouses

Unique Practical Training

Who is it for?

Get a new job with the bright career path
Student aid and flexible payment terms
Post-graduate support and advice

Engaging Distance Learning

In-class activities and projects

Personalized Approach

1:1 consultations, resume writing sessions, interview training

Available Session Recordings

Access to the classes and supporting materials

Postgraduate support

Till you get a job and beyond - we want to hear your success story!


Marketing Automation Salary Survey


Average US Income in


Average US Income in
Marketing Automation Specialist


Average US Income in
Marketing Automation Manager

Just $163 per month


Become a Marketing Automation Specialist

and keep the job you have while you learn
without getting into more debt

$163/month for 18 months

Thanks for submitting!



Modules 1-3

Introduction to Marketing Automation and Technology


Level: Beginner

Martech management fundamentals

Martech Integrations
CRM campaign management


Managing projects and optimizing marketing operations in PM tools (Asana, Jira)

Modules 4-5

Marketing Automation Basics and Administration


Level: Intermediate

Marketing Automation platform key features and functionality

Campaign build and execution

Developing and implementing lead scoring, lead lifecycle, program templates

Data management practices

Modules 6-7

Email Marketing, Reporting and Analytics


Level: Advanced

Email marketing basics


Implementing data privacy practices


Email deliverability


Email and program performance reports


Preparation for a third-party certification

Free Introductory Class

  • What is marketing automation, and why is it needed in today’s job market?

  • What jobs can you get after the course completion?

  • Course syllabus and approach to training

  • Real-life projects, tools and platforms

  • Job market overview and career path

  • Resume preparation and interview training

  • Questions and answers

About Us


10+ years of experience


State-certified programs


Over 1700 successful graduates


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I took the Marketing Automation course, and it was a unique experience. The approach was all about preparing for the actual working environment. Long hours of learning and working on projects, but I gained a new profession and skills at the end of the course. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have opened up with the Marketing Automation classes and attribute much of that success to the LC team.




The Marketing Automation course by LearnixCenter was perfect for me. As a career changer, the training helped me prepare and get a job in marketing automation. Everything they did, whether it was the hands-on classes, individual coaching, guest instructors, and career placement assistance, was fantastic and helped me land the job I have now. My first paycheck was about 50% larger than the last one I had pulled. It was worth the time and money, and I recommend this school to anyone interested in jumping into the business world.

7!c_mia (1).png



I attended the Marketing Automation course by Learnix Center in summer 2021. It was a fantastic course that really prepared someone to be a marketing automation specialist in today's market. Learnix Center has a dedicated career team whose whole job is to get you hired. I am happy to report that I was hired a month after graduating. I am still in the same position with many doors opening now with incredible salaries. Marketing automation is in very high demand. The jobs are great, and the pay is way above average. The best decision I ever made.