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Learn to code with Java

What is Java?


  • It’s an Object Oriented Programming Language. The concepts of Java are relatable and much easier. This makes Java a flexible and extensible programming language. Java strongly suggests the best practices of OOP design and promotes its correct usage.

  • Java is a highly portable language as it must be executed through a cross-platform compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Android apps are also developed using Java.

  • 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have since used Java to develop desktop apps and website backend systems.


Who uses Java?


  • Automation Software Testers / QA

  • Software Engineers

  • Web and E-commerce Developers

  • Big Data / Hadoop Developers

  • Android / Mobile Developers

  • Scientific Applications Developers

Why should I learn to code?


  • Learning to code is also great practice for precise, disciplined, and abstract thinking.

  • Programming transforms your computer from a home appliance to a power tool. Learn to understand andcontrol your computer.

  • Learning to program is great practice for learning itself.

  • Improve Focus and Problem-Solving Skills, Develop ability to focus, become more detail-oriented.

Why should I learn Java?


  • Beginners Friendly / Easy to learn (Java is easy to learn. With an English-like syntax, Java could be learnt in a shortspan of time and used to build useful applications).

  • Lots of job opportunities (Average salary in 2017 according to is 100K). Programmers with a solid knowledge of Java are in great demand.

  • Java is open source (free, you don’t need to pay a dollar to write applications on Java)

  • Universal usage, stability and scalability (you can find Java on mobiles, desktops, large scale applications etc).

  • Great community support (With about 10 million Java developers spread across the world, Java community continues to grow. On multiple online forums like Stackoverflow, expert Java programmers are always ready to help the newcomers).

  • Finds use in real world applications (Java is used in websites like,, and It also finds use in enterprise application development, IoT, cloud development etc).

How do I get started?


  • No experience? Learn from ours!

  • Sign up for Learnix Center 'Java BootCamp'

  • Learn to program by writing programs

  • Start by creating simple programs

  • Our experts are there to help you!

  • Finish by creating a complex application

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