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You are Performing Software Tester/QA Functions already!

These days, modern technologies are everywhere. You go online to socialize with friends, take care of your holiday shopping list, and check bank accounts. If you do that, you have already entered the IT world. If you find it interesting to have an opportunity to make communication with the computer better, we will assist you in becoming a very important part of it - software tester or quality assurance analyst. Last but not least, it pays pretty well too.


Software Testing /QA Course

This is the featured course that includes all the basic material and allows you to develop the necessary skills for further career launching.


Software Testing
Express Course

This is a great choice for anyone who already has an IT background and needs to just freshen his knowledge or improve her skills.


Individual Training

This training has a very flexible curriculum and might include material at different levels and accessibility. Whether you need to polish your skills or start learning from the beginning, individual training might be the best choice for you.

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