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Software Testing QA Foundation

Course Overview

Learnix Tree Center offers a short-term career change facility that allows interested professionals the opportunity to obtain positions such as software tester and quality assurance analyst. We give you the knowledge basics and help you need to develop practical skills that are up to date and in great demand in today's market. Our instructors are full-time IT professionals with leading companies, who present the most progressive and proven techniques which are used in their everyday work.


The Comprehensive Software Testing / QA course is the most complete job placement package. During this course, our students receive cutting-edge academic knowledge from IT industry leaders and interface with several high-level QA project managers while executing real-life projects. Additionally, a team of professional IT recruiters and career coaches prepare people for a successful new career launch.


Upon completion of this course our students will learn:

  • Practical and essential software testing fundamentals

  • Principles, scope, and focus of testing

  • Software metrics

  • Leading testing tools

  • How to prepare and pass ISTQB certification

  • How to write effective test documentation

  • What is expected from a Software Tester / QA Analyst

  • How to execute real-life testing projects

  • How to create a successful resume and market your skills online

  • How to prepare for a  job interview

  • and much more ...


What makes the program efficient: 

  • It was created by highly professional Quality Assurance specialists who in addition to the deep hands-on subject matter knowledge also have experience in hiring and developing young professionals.


  • It has a hands-on approach and oriented for generally educated people without prior IT background. 


  • It covers all the substantial concepts and the most popular tools to allow our students to feel confident in the working environment and quickly develop one's skills further.   


The total amount of hours: 78 hours plus 6 hours of individual training.  


How is our Training Program different?


We offer a unique combination of intensive academic training, hands-on real-life project executions, career coaching, and placement assistance. Students are trained with a TEAM of professionals.


Duration: 13 weeks.  




Online Training, two weekdays, 6 pm – 9 pm. 






For more information, contact us via email or by phone: 571-634-6000.


The detailed syllabus of the course is available upon request.

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