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Start a CAREER!

Our students come from all walks of life and age groups. Transforming their lives. Changing dead-end jobs for cutting-edge IT careers. 


Recent graduates, back-to-work moms, discharged military, Uber drivers, immigrants, unemployed and many more come to Learnix Tree Center to launch a new life.

Get paid to identify other people's errors!

Being a Software Tester/QA you don't have to write programming code! You only TEST the software applications and report defects (errors) back to the development team. Their job is to fix it! This simply makes you the first-time user of the IT products.

Amber Cox

Rockville, MD

You are Performing Software Tester/QA Functions already!

These days, modern technologies are everywhere. You go online to socialize with friends, take care of your holiday shopping list, and check bank accounts. If you do that, you have already entered the IT world. If you find it interesting to have an opportunity to make communication with the computer better, we will assist you in becoming a very important part of it - software tester or quality assurance analyst. Last but not least, it pays pretty well too.

Mary Phillips

Laurel, MD

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  4. Get a new $60K+ job!

Kevin King

Arlington, VA

Our Graduates are Happily Employed by:

"No Experience" Cure!

Employers expect you to have experience? Of course!

That's why we have a TEAM of top-level professionals training you. You will get:

  • Academic Training

  • Hands-on Real-life Projects Execution

  • Resume Writing / Interview Training / Career Coaching

  • Internship / ISTQB Certification

  • and much more ...

Alex Miller

Herndon, VA


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